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Defense In-Depth
Multiple Trainers
Certificate of Cloud Security Professional- CCSP
Gaurav Batra
Certificate of Cloud Security and Knowledge
Rahul Kamath
Digital Forensics Training
Samir Datt
Introduction to ISO27002:2022
Jagbir Singh
NIST Cybersecurity Framework
Anil Chiplunkar
Session on Systems and Organisational Controls
Narasimhan Elangovan
CFThursday session on ‘How to build a strong Cybersecurity Culture’ with Madhu Maganti
Madhu Maganti
CFThursday session on ‘Examining Malicious Software and it’s Analysis’ with Shrutirupa Banerjiee
Shrutirupa Banerjiee
Docker and AWS ECS
Amit Kulkarni
Certified Information Systems Security Professional (CISSP)
Multiple Trainers
DevSecops & Container Security
Deep Shankar Yadav
Cybersecurity in IOT
Vinod Babu
Linux Essentials & AWS
Amit Kulkarni
Azure Security
Amit Kulkarni
Certificate of Information Security Manager
Multiple Trainers
Azure Architecture Technologies
Amit Kulkarni
Threat Intel & Dark Web
Muslim Koser
Certified in Risk and Information Systems Control (CRISC)
Nishant Singh
Why SecDevops is the New way in Cybersecurity
Saman Fatima
CF Thursday session on "Digital Evidence Handling"
Cyber Crimes
Ritesh Bhatia
Network Security
Smith Gonsalves
Fundamentals of Cyber Security
Venkata Satish Guttala
DNS Training for security practitioners
Web Application Security
Om Prakash Joshi
Joel Divekar
Incident Management
Lalit Vazirani
Passwordless Authentication
Viral Parmar
Cyber Incident Investigation Case Studies
Nikhil Mahadeshwar
Data Analytics
CA Murtaza Q. Ghadiali
Artificial Intelligence
Vikram Verma Dr. Deepak Singh
Cloud Computing
Gaurav Batra
AI / ML in Cybersecurity
Apurva Jain
Cyber Laws
Rohit Jain
Blockchain in Cybersecurity
Narasimhan Elangovan
Wednesday Wisdom: Advanced Web Application Security
Vaisakh T R
Data privacy
Gaurav Khera
Enterprise Risk Framework
Vinod Nair
Privacy Software Development Life Cycle
Anil Lole
Operational Risk (NBFC)
Banking IT
Insurance process lifecycle
Audit Analytics Using Caseware Idea Software
CA Murtaza Q. Ghadiali
Retail Success
Operational risk (IT/ITES)
HealthCare Risk
Manufacturing Operational Risk
Combat Cyber DeceptiCons with AI
F5 Networks
The journey from Legacy to Next Gen Web Security
eMudhra: Empowering Digital Transformation
Haltdos Edge Security Platform
Securing Remote Workforces at Scale
Palo Alto Networks
Prevent attacks by fortifying the last mile -The user
Security Advisor
Securing Privilege Identity in Cloud Era
Take Control of Business Critical Data for effective Protection & Compliance
Security strategy begins with an attitude: Never trust. Always verify
Cyber Risk and Insurance
Howden India
Building blocks for dealing with exponentially increasing mail-based frauds
Shift Left: An approach to incorporate Security early into SDLC for App-based businesses
Cyber hygiene in the workplace: How IAM counters the complex threat landscape
Last Pass
Darktrace Cyber AI platform
Dark Trace
Taking Bull by Horns… Eliminate The no. 1 Enterprise Risk – PASSWORDS – Go Passwordless.
Hyperscale SIEM for everyone
Cyber Threat Intelligence Differentiating Signal from Noise
SOC Capability Validation Tool
Simplifying Vulnerability Management
We Secure App
Measuring your cybersecurity risk posture with Cyber Observer
Cyber Observer
Zero Trust Prevention Strategy – Endpoints
CTIX Lite – Enabling Threat Intelligence Automation for Everyone
The Art of open Source Intelligence
Saumay Srivastava
SOC Blueprint
Om Ahuja
Data Protection Within Organizations
Garima Purohit
Digital Wildfires in a Connected World
Dr. Rama Subramaniam
DevSec Ops and Container Security
Deep Shankar Yadav
Mind, Machine and Market
Dr. Lalit Saraswat
Buisness Agility With Devops
Rakesh Singh/ Arun Kholi
Security Is Everyone's Responsibility
Amey Lakeshri
Zero Trust For IIOT & Cloud Environment
Bill Joll
Incident Management and Business Continuity Planning
Shailendra Srivastava
Bluetooth Basics and Hacking
Arun Mane
Attacking Secret Sharing
Adhokshaj Mishra
Cyber Crisis
Smith Gonsalves
At Ease with Cyber Security
Viral Raval
Software Development Security
Rahul Kamath
Data Privacy and Protection
Ramesh Venkataraman
Social Media Security & Online Frauds
Rakshit Tandon
Importance of Digital Evidence in Cyber Security
Arun Soni
Machine Learning - Practical application for cybersecurity
Hannan Satopay
Understanding Azure Security
Amit Kulkarni
Latest Trends in CyberCrimes
Prof. Triveni Singh IPS
Intelligence Threat Hunting
Vishnu Vardhan
Importance of Early Education to prevent cyber crimes
Yogesh Kumar
COSO 2013 Internal Controls Framework
Manoj Agrawal
API Security
Mohit Rampal
Aviation Security ( ACARS )
Arun Mane
Manpreet Singh
Basics of Cloud and Cloud Certification
Ria Wadhwani
Demystifying 65B Certificate Requirements.
Vicky Shah
Digital Forensics
Arpit Doshi
Venkata Satish Guttala
Docker Security
Deep Shankar Yadav
Enhancing Defender Skills
Rohan Bhasin
ISO 27002:2022 Readiness and Awareness"
Vijayan Muralidaran
Cloud Security Threats & Challenges
Kavitha Srinivasulu
Extraordinary time, Extraordinary change
Dinesh Bareja
Exotic Excel
CA Nachiket Pendharkar
Financial Planning
CA Vishnu Gavkare
Mohit Rampal
Cyber security challenges in industry 4.0
Pawan Desai
Security Awareness - 'Key to strengthen your biggest asset - People'
Jatinkumar Modh
Lets hunt bounty
Vignesh C.
Introduction to Azure Security Center
Rohit Srivastawa
Mitigating the risks and challenges that lay in cloud for remote workers
Krishna Narayanswamy & Sasi Murthy
Mitre Att&ck
Mobile application Security
Subho Halder
Importance of operational risk during COVID times
Srinath Mantripragada
OT security awareness
Ravindra S Gotavade
Emerging Risks and Industry Trends in the growing Cyberspace
Kavitha Srinivasulu
OT/ICS Security
Rahul Mehta
Print Security
Kalpesh Jani
Recent Trends in Cyber Crime
Dr. S. Murugan
Secure SDLC
Umesh Kumar
Securing Cross Border Payment messaging system
Prakash Ranjan
Key things to consider before investing in a SOAR Platform
Amit Modi
Simple solutions to complex security problems
Sami Petajasoja
Operationalising Threat Intel
Dr. Aditya Mukherjee
Risk Management in the era of Digitisation
Srinath Mantripragada
360-Degree Cybersecurity
Sanjiv Agarwala
Data Privacy and ISO 27701:2019
Anil Lole
Service on Organisation Controls and Reporting
Narasimhan Elangovan
Red Team Assessment
Manpreet Singh Kheberi
Research in Cyber Forensics
Shweta Tripathi
Security Entreprenuership
Samrendra Kumar
National Cyber Security Policy of Govt of India
Dhruv .A. Pandit
InfraGuard_ Simplify and Secure Server Management Practices
Manoj Ludhani, Kislay Chandra
Data Privacy and Security Concerns for CXO'S
Amit Dubey
Cyber Risk Analytics powered automation of Remediation
Satyen Jain
Exploring Cyber Insurance in Depth
Amit Agarwal & Vernica Walia.
Decentralized Finance
Narasimhan Elangovan
DevOps - Enabler of Digital Transformation
Atul Anand
Security of Internet of Things
Purnima Ahirao
CISSP Domain 8 Software Development Security
Gaurav Batra
Digital Identity : The New Golden Standard for Secure Access
Ravi Vaz
Accounting in the World of Zeros and Ones
Na.Vijayashankar (Naavi)
Defence for safe DeFI of the Future
Shilpaa Karkeraa
Cyber Financial Frauds & their Mitigation Techniques
Dr. AK Agarwal
Data Privacy via Data Protection
Anil Chiplunkar.
Social Media Forensics
Nilay Mistry
Changing Face of Cybersecurity
Subramanian U
Financial Cyber Crimes
Khusbhu Jain
Cybersecurity Policy Formulation
Nishant Singh
Implementing Information Security at SMBs / SMEs
Aman Chhikara
Illuminating Cybercrime & Digital Forensics
Deepak Kumar
Data Forensics hands-on approach
Gaurav Batra
Breaking into android devices
Kiran Kumar
Physical & Logical security for Data centers
Abhishek Akkewar
Careers and certification in Cybersecurity
Tariq Wani
Shashi Sharma
Malware analysis using malware forensics
Akash Thakkar
AWS IoT Security
Mukesh Kumar Rao
Sunday Learnings- APT Attack Techniques & Defense
Suriya Prakash & J Prasanna
Wednesday Wisdom: Security and observability for Kubernetes with Calico Enterprise
Tigera: Peter Marini
USB Data Leakage
Rajeev Khade
Certified Information Security Manager
Gaurav Batra

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